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What’s on the Sticks

October 1, 2012

Hello monday….I am totally slow going today.  All of sudden realized that Knit City is 2 weeks away and I have a lot to do, but so looking forward to it.  Also, cannot believe it is October 1st. Wow time flies, I feel like I haven’t finished half of my fall projects, but I’m starting to stress about Holiday knitting……any pointers from those of you out there who are getting stuff done?  Well, here are a few tidbits from the week!

some of our new malabrigo

– For all you felting enthusiasts – check this out!
– Check out what Baaad Anna’s own Sylvia just designed. It’s super hot on Ravelry right now…

– Science meets fibre arts?  Love IT!

– Star Wars meets fibre arts? Love IT even more!

– If you like Brooklyn Tweed you’ll  love this

– If I was still in school, I would totally have this poster on my wall

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