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7 Year Anniversary SALE List

August 21, 2016

Over half the store is going on SALE this SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Baaad Anna’s! We appreciate all who come into our store on a daily basis and are thrilled to help kick start the fall knitting season with one of Anna’s great traditions!!

20% off


CORRIEDALE ROVING 50G BRAIDS: regular $4.75 now $3.80

VOGUE KNITTING STITCHIONARY: regular $35.95 now $28.76


25% off

BRIGGS & LITTLE REGAL: regular $7.00 now $5.25


NORO A LA MODE: regular $10.95 now $8.21

NORO SILK GARDEN SOLO: regular $12.95 now $9.71

ON-LINE SUPERSOCKE ON TOUR PRE-KNIT SOCKS: regular $20.00 now $15.00

SWEET GEORGIA PARTY OF FIVE PACKS: regular $46.00-$60.00 now $34.50-$45.00


30% off

AMERICO ORIGINAL COTTON FLAMME: regular $25.00 now $17.50

CASCADE YARNS 220 SUPERWASH® ARAN SPLATTER: regular $17.95 now $12.57

CHIAOGOO TWIST INTERCHANGEABLE SETS: regular $135.00-$240.00 now $94.50-$168.00

DEBBIE BLISS COTTON DK: regular $6.95 now $4.87



EUCALAN NO RINSE WASH 500ML: regular $14.50 now $10.15

EURO BABY KALEIDOSCOPE: regular $15.95 now $11.17

KATIA ART WOOL: regular $15.95 now $11.17


RAINCITYKNITS FINGERING: regular $30.00 now $21.00

RAINCITYKNITS SUPERWASH DK: regular $30.00 now $21.00

REGIA 100G SOCK YARNS: regular $17.50 now $12.25

SIRDAR COTTON DK: regular $12.95 now $9.07

SUBLIME YARNS COTTON SILK DK: regular $10.95 now $7.67


35% off

LEADING MEN FIBER ARTS BOX OFFICE: regular $29.95 now $19.47

WISDOM YARNS POEMS: regular $19.95 now $12.97


40% off

ASLAN TRENDS ROYAL ALPACA: regular $23.95 now $14.37

KNITTING FEVER PAINTED DESERT: regular $16.95 now $10.17

NAKO VIZON ANATOLIA: regular $6.50 now $3.90

SIRDAR SNUGGLY BABY COTTON DK: regular $6.95 now $4.17


50% off

ÍSTEX ÁLAFOSSLOPI: regular $9.95 now $4.98

NAZLI GELIN GARDEN 5: regular $8.00 now $4.00

REGIA 50G SOCK YARNS: regular $9.50 now $4.75

SCHOELLER+STAHL MANUELA N° 10: regular $6.95 now $3.50

SCHOELLER+STAHL MANUELA N° 20: regular $6.95 now $3.50

SIRDAR FOLKSONG CHUNKY: regular $6.50 now $3.25


60% off

LOUISA HARDING GRACE SILK & WOOL: regular $17.95 now $7.18

MALABRIGO YARN AQUARELLA: regular $17.95 now $7.18


$2 bin

DIAMOND YARN SELECT ALPACA PRIMA: regular $6.95 now $2.00

SIRDAR SOFTSPUN CHUNKY: regular $6.95 now $2.00


$5 bin

FIBRANATURA INCA: regular $11.50 now $5.00

LOUISA HARDING ESQUEL: regular $10.95 now $5.00


New Yarn: MJ Yarns Self -Spiraling Sock

August 18, 2016

Now in the Baaad Anna’s sock knitting fold is Weird Sisters Simple Sock Yarn from MJ Yarns. These entirely new and unique yarns are the brain child of Jonathan Berner, an independent dyer based in Lafayette, Colorado.
The “Weird Sisters” name and colours were “inspired by Shakespeare’s witches from Macbeth and the magical brews they concoct”. 


Got Spiral?

These yarns are dyed in such a way that instead of creating exact stripes or random splashes of colour when knit they create a spiral of colour that winds its way up your sock. 


The Weird Sisters colourways based on the witches of Shakespeare.

We are bringing in eight colourways for you to choose from. They range from a fairly neutral palette all the way to bright, bold colours! Also unique to this yarn is the base it is dyed on. Weird Sisters is dyed on a Corriedale, nylon blend yarn.


These skeins come with a mini-skein of a contrastcolour especially for the heel and toes in socks.

 I am excited to have this addition to the sock yarn options. As Jonathan explains, “the superwash Corriedale (a stronger breed of sheep) yarn has the strength to stand up to hard wear, yet is surprisingly soft and lovely to handle with a wonderful drape.”
Composition: 75% Corriedale Wool, 25% Nylon

Gauge: 8 stitches per inch

Needle: 2.5mm

Weight: Light Fingering- 3ply

Length: 100g/ 380 yds


Check out this stunning sock knit by Baaad Anna’s Sarah Peschell.

I found the Corriedale yarn has a nice spring and body that was also apparent in the finished socks. The colours in the spiral section are a beautiful combination of hues that are set off wonderfully by the solid base colour. Gauge plays a very important factor in the final results of how the spiral behaves. The free simple sock pattern from MJ Yarn has a very good explanation and illustration of the variations within the spirals that is possible with different gauge.

 * (the pattern is not on ravelry)

Our own custom colourway! Baaad Ass Sisters… only available here!

The spiral effect was a fun change from straight up, plain knit stripes with almost endless possibilities on the effect, especially if you try something like a shawl, or even a sweater. This is a wonderful yarn for those who want to try something different and create unique, extra-ordinary socks with some magic knit into them.


Today’s guest post was written by Sarah Peschell, one of our talented Baaad Anna’s team members and test knitter extraordinaire. 

An Evening With Friends

August 14, 2016

Tonight’s trunk show was a sharing of common ground of likeminded and talented individuals that I am proud to call my friends.


In addition to the amazing Caitlin Ffrench, Kristan  MacIntyre and Heidi Braacx who you can read about here, a number of the  city’s most talented knitters, crocheters and fibre artists stopped by to share stories and stitches.

To all those that made it, thank you for stopping by! If you missed it, check out some of these pretty pretties that you can still pick up over the next couple of weeks:

So excited about our restock of Caitlin’s Our Secrets yarn and Dark Woods book.


All the pretty pretty Vegan Yarns.


We got some gorgeous locally handmade knitters’ jewellry.


And just a little eye candy… check out this eco-dyed handknit shawl.Caitlin has a step-by-step pattern on Ravelry to help you knit and dye your own!


Secrets, Shawl Pins, and Pretty Things

August 11, 2016

In preparation for our upcoming trunk show with Caitlin Ffrench, Kristin Macintyre and Vegan Yarns this Saturday (August 13th from 6-8pm) tonight’s guest blogger Jess Knowles chatted  with Caitlin of These Secrets (while she was on holiday in Iceland, no less).


Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re going to be showcasing at our upcoming trunk show?
At the trunk show I’ll be bringing botanical drawing inks, yarns that are 100% Canadian, and spinning fibre! Also- there will be a few copies of Dark Woods!

What would you say is your biggest passion at the moment?

At the moment I’m loving making botanical drawing inks and small packs of yarn and fibre to use for weaving.

In my home life I’m working on weaving- I’ve finally got a studio that fits both of my floor looms!

How does the Pacific Northwest influence your design and art?

The landbase we live in (Coast Salish Territories/ Pacific Northwest/ Cascadia) is where I wildcraft plants, hike, camp, and live life. I have special places and hikes I go to for inspiration- I enjoy dark winter days most. When the sky is grey and the woods are dark- that’s when I’m happiest.

What is one of your favourite memories of Baaad Anna’s?

My favourite memory of Baaad Anna’s is when Anna and I pulled weeks of late nights painting walls and staining the shelves in preparation for the grand opening. We had no idea what we were in for! I feel lucky that I got to work for her in the early days and to now see how brilliantly the store has grown.

Knowing you’re in Iceland at the moment, can you speak a little bit about that experience? About the textile arts you’ve seen while there?

Iceland is life changing. It’s my second time here- and I’m headed home tomorrow. I don’t feel like I really can yet put into words what this trip has meant for me.
But a secret: my husband and I shot a book of knitwear here, and it’s entirely on medium format film!

Any advice for a newbie knitter? For a seasoned pro?

The best advice I think is to let go and start again. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve made and realized weren’t good. Just rip them back and start again! That’s the magic of knitting!

Caitlin’s magic can be seen firsthand at our next FOCUS ON LOCAL Trunk Show, where she will be joined by two other exceptional locals Heidi Braacx of Vegan Yarn and Kristan MacIntyre of Knitter’s Jewelry. Come join us in supporting local talent.



Jess Knowles joined the Baaad Anna’s team for the summer and is a beacon to fibre arts delights. Keep an eye on some of her additional guest blogs here over the next few months.


July 28, 2016

Our next FOCUS ON LOCAL TRUNK SHOW happening on Saturday August 13th is a triple header! Joining forces are the amazing local talents of Caitlin ffrench of We Will Tell You Our Secrets, Heidi Braacx of Vegan Yarns and Kristan MacIntyre of Knitter’s Jewelry.


Save the date!


Keep an eye on this blog for more details of this amazing joining of creative forces!

NEW(ish) YARN: Americo Abrazos

July 20, 2016

If you visited us during this Spring’s Woolith Fair Yarn Crawl you were probably introduced to this gem. We quietly brought in the Abrazos line from Toronto’s AmericoOriginal Yarns for our new spring collection and it has been on fire ever since.

The light and airy texture of the Karner Wrap is created by loosely knitting a very fine, at times cobweb-like mixture or cotton and bamboo.


A single skein of this bamboo pima cotton laceweight contains enough yarn in it to knit up an entire 2ft by 4ft shawl, and as with all Americo yarns comes with a choice of their own patterns free with purchase. With only one and a half skeins you can kit an entire summer pullover!



Hot hot hot this summer! Photo credit to Sarah Peschell.


Americo Yarns’s Abrazos comes in an array of bright and classic colours, and we just restocked on all of them!

Composition: 44.7 % Pima Cotton, 55.3 % Bamboo
Gauge: 42 stitches & 53 rows = 4 inches (10 cm)
Needle: 2 mm (US 0)
Weight: Lace
Length: 100 g / 1028 yards (940 m)



A single skein produces the full length summer weight shawl.


This Canadian brand does its own sourcing by visiting farms and mills of Peru to create some of the most interesting yarns currently available on the market. The texture lends itself to simple patterns, letting the yarn do the heavy lifting!



The rich texture makes this yarn so unique; allowing for the simplest patterns to create a gorgeous fabric.


The Karner Wrap is perfect summer knit: light-weight, compact single skein project that looks amazing even with a simple stitch that is easy for car, plane or beach knitting!

Thank you to one of lovely regulars, Reagan B for modeling this wrap for us; and for our teacher Zoe for her 1028 yards of stitches on this sample!

Tip: Share Projects in Ravelry Groups

July 12, 2016

I’m happy to introduce the first in a series of guest posts from our local fibre arts community. Today’s TIPS post is from one of our team here at Baaad Anna’s, Barth Siemens, whom many of you already know. Please enjoy!

Hi, this is Barth. Have we met? I have been a store customer since it opened, and recently started working in the store. Learn more about our staff on the About page.

While recently visiting in the store, I was gushing about the beautifully finished projects that customers bring in for show and tell. Remembering a project picture that was posted in our Ravelry group, I pulled it up and continued gushing. As I paused for a breath, my friend looked at me and said, “Will you show me how to do that?” Of course, I am happy to share what I know. Here is how I replied.

Before we get started, I wrote these instructions with some assumptions. Read at the bottom of this post for help.

  • You are logged in to your Ravelry account.
  • You have created at least one project in your Ravelry account.
  • You have attached at least one photo to your project.

You will be working in a test thread that Ravelry provides for this purpose.

  1. To open the thread in a new window, click Picture Test Thread.
  2. At the bottom right of the Ravelry window, click reply to thread.
  3. Expect Ravelry to open a text box for your new post.
    Screenshot 2016-07-11 at 10
  4. In the text box, type in some text:
    “This will be my first time that I post a picture on Ravelry.”
  5. On your keyboard, hit <Return> twice.

You are ready to add a picture.

  1. Above the text box, click Image.
  2. Expect the Use an image from the web dialog to open.
  3. Click Use a project or stash photo.
  4. From the list of photos, select an image.
  5. Click use this photo.
  6. Expect some text code to be added to your post, for example:
    [![Kissing Blurred Lines socks] 
  7. At the top right of the post, click preview.
  8. When you are satisfied with your post, click Post reply.

That is one way to post project pictures in groups. If you click on your picture, Ravelry opens to your project page. Now you can practice your new skill by posting FO’s from yarn bought at Baaad Annas.

Please reply with your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. Maybe Paula will allow me to answer with another guest post.


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